About Us

Midway Oak Dell

Our Executive Committee

Mary Franklin, President

Lenny Williams, Vice President

Lana Andrews, Secretary

Irene Keenan, Treasurer

Carol Medina – Artist

Chloe Kamprath – Town Square Advocate

Mary Anne Clark – Membership Coordinator

Patrice Otten – Program Coordinator

Mission Statement

“​Nature Walkers is an organization of Rossmoor residents who value the scientific evidence that immersion in nature is important in maintaining and improving physical and mental health.  Our mission is two-fold: to advance public understanding of this issue and to support the expansion of accessible, well-designed walking options that will increase opportunities to socialize, meet new friends and strengthen our community.”

Members of Nature Walkers recognize the heavy emotional toll of isolation, particularly on older residents who prefer not to leave Rossmoor and can no longer spend time with grandchildren or other extended family members.

This awareness inspired members to offer to arrange walking partners for those who would like to walk with old and/or new friends at a safe distance while masked and enjoying our beautiful, natural surroundings.